About Us

As our name implies, we connect you—the home decorative/ accessory/ gift retailer or wholesaler—to the best in breed product manufacturers throughout India, offering unparalleled advantages in quality control, value, innovative design, and proprietary design protection. Our Direct Import programs and transparent operating model gives your buyers confidence and control over the product procurement process while keeping overhead and travel costs down. Our network of manufacturing partners offers the widest breadth of product categories with the convenience of one-stop purchasing. We work with your buyers to create a distinctive, unique product mix for your stores.

Our retail clients range from the most exclusive department stores and specialty retailers looking to build distinctive collections, to mid-range regional chains focusing on the latest trends and value in decorative accessories, to the ultra-competitive discount chains and close-out specialists who look to us to enhance their treasure hunt offerings.

What differentiates us?

  1. Depth of experience—our partners are among the most reputed members of the industry, and have been consistently recognized for their integrity, reliability, and knowledge of the industry. You will work directly with one or more of our partners, either traveling with us, or working in your offices.
  2. Our sourcing network—Working with The India Connection allows our clients to tap into one of the most robust and innovative network of factories in India. Over the past 20 years, we have fostered, and continue to develop, close relationships with many of the top factories in the home decorative industry.
  3. US based—While most “buying agents” are based in the country they source from, we believe that intimate market knowledge is paramount. That is why all the partners of The India Connection are based in the US. This not only provides us a deep understanding of the market trends in the home decorative arena, but also allows our clients to better access to us - creating a more effective sourcing partnership.
  4. Quality control team based in India—Our dedicated Quality Assurance associates in India boast a combined 60 years of experience in manufacturing, control, and exporting logistics. Experience which is necessary at all points along the procurement process.
  5. Our strategic joint ventures allow our clients to source product beyond India and into the markets of Europe, China, and the Far East.

Executive Team